How to use Instagram Guide: Everything About Instagram Guides

How to use Instagram Guide: Everything About Instagram Guides .  So  guys today i will discuss about instagram new update and there features . So instagram recently lunched a new feature called Instagram Guide .

This new feature helps to the users to gain more followers and more fan base with the help of Instagram Guide.

How To Access The New Feature Instaram Guide

Why you  need to using it and why you can use  it to make your instagram a better place for your followers. so you guys are thinking about how we can  use and how to access this feature in our mobiles right.

Here it’s a big thing to access this feature directly instagram app it’s self your profile can’t access it straight away you need to go into your profile then on the top right you have plus button . You need to press that and then only in the End you can see this feature called Instagram Guide.  Here  you can see below we meantion a photo of demo.

Instagram guides Instagram guide

From Here You Can Choose 3 Different Types Of Guide Formats

  1.  Places: This formate uses to recommend places in your citys or your favourite places to your followers.
  2. Products: This formate uses to recommed best products
  3. Posts : This formate uses to recommed your feed posts  and write a articles about your posts

How to create instagram guide

Each format is designed to suits a creator’s use. For Example, places that is actually can be used as a particular form of guide for people it’s self if you’re a travler or an instagrammer who travels a lot.

who’s  famous enoung for that you can actually use this to make a catalog or an actually use this to make  a catalog or an articel post featuring from various different places or your own post it self and make a guide with it you can add tittle you can add separate

section for the different posts  you’ve been featuring in this particular guide  it self and  then also talk about it in detail like an artcle .

Instagram GuideProducts

products now this is basically to promote the products page in terms of instagram  and this actually a good thing so if you’re like a content creator or a person who create content on instagram.

with the product option you can guide your followers  to buy best branded products on instagram.

Instagram Guide posts

Post and this only allows you to take posts from your own feed and create something out of it now this is where i can give my example.

Because right when i wanted to start out by giving a guide to my followers from my very own post i went to  a recent travel trip and i made some street photography and posted them on my feed so ithought why not pick a few out of them and make a instagram guide on the basics of street photography and posted them on my feed.

where to find instagram guide

To access Instagram  Guide first you have to open your instagram account and the you will see an icon like blog  from the feed tab :How to find instagram guide

So here you can see all your instagram guides its just work like IGTV  tab

How to find instagram guide

Guides are eassly share to your storys and aslo you can forward your guide with the help of paper plane icon at the top right hand corner of the screen

Instagram guide 2020

Instagram Guides create a whole new way to create and consume content on Instagram — opening up huge opportunities for story-telling  on the app.

what do you think about this new instagram feature comment down your option.


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